Effective Linkedin Sales Message Copy

Effective Linkedin Sales Message Copy

To clarify, when we say ‘effective’ we do not mean cute, clever, or novel. Read this: ‘According to the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute’s Professor John Dawes, author of the latest installment of a major new study carried out for the LinkedIn B2B Institute…companies change their providers of services such as banking, legal advice, software or telecoms around every five years. This means that only 20% are in the market for those services in a given year and just 5% in a given quarter. The other 95% are not in the market at all.’ (read the full article here)

A bottom of funnel sales pitch that’s cute, clever, or novel does not matter to someone not in the market to buy.

So…what does effective sales messaging copy look like on Linkedin for 100% of your target audience? Regardless off whether they’re in market or not. 

I’ll share our approach, and really want to hear yours.

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