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Linkedin Product Pages & Product Reviews – Humpday Hangout

Linkedin recently announced they’ll be adding Product pages (with review capabilities) for B2B products. Today we’ll dig into the first live example Linkedin has rolled out and discuss the implications it has for page admins and lead generation services in the future.

Download Linkedin’s official release as a pdf here.

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LinkedIn Product Pages

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are LinkedIn Product Pages?

LinkedIn Product Pages is a new part of the LinkedIn Pages ecosystem dedicated to building a trusted community of information around B2B products. A Product Page focuses on ​generating highly-qualified leads and building a product community​ by spotlighting featured customers, leveraging media (like images & videos), gathering ratings and reviews, and driving valuable action with a custom call-to-action button such as a demo request or contact sales form.

A LinkedIn Product Page is a hub for brands to promote their products and grow their businesses, for product users to share their experiences and be recognized for their expertise, and for buyers to make confident decisions about products in a trusted environment. By connecting products to the world’s largest professional network, we aspire to build the most-trusted marketplace for B2B products.

What will Product Pages look like on existing LinkedIn Pages?

LinkedIn Product Pages will be a new tab on LinkedIn Pages, in addition to “Home,” “Jobs,” “Life,” etc. This new tab on Pages will allow organizations to list products of their choosing and offer details including product descriptions, media (videos, images), customers and reviews.

If you have a single Product Page, the new “Products” tab will lead the visitor directly to your one Product Page. If you have multiple Product Pages, your visitors will be brought to the Products summary page, which lists all published Product Pages in alphabetical order. Each product on this summary page will show its logo, name, category, connections with the product as a skill, and a short summary of the product description (please see screenshot below).


What differentiates LinkedIn Product Pages from product review sites, such as G2Crowd?We offer distinct and differentiated value from product review sites, such as G2Crowd. G2Crowd and other product review sites provide basic product information and anonymous reviews from users that cannot be verified. With LinkedIn Product Pages, we’re creating a community and adding meaningful value to multiple stakeholders, including:

●  Users, who can share their experience in the context of their profession, and gain valuable knowledge from power users

●  Buyers, who can make more informed decisions and start conversations with current users

●  Brands, who can drive growth and adoption of their products through a trusted community of product experts and advocates

On top of that, for the 3rd year in a row, LinkedIn has been voted as the most trusted social media platform by Business Insider, and we strongly believe LinkdedIn will provide a safe and self-regulated environment. All reviews and comments come from the LinkedIn community, meaning they are directly linked to a Profile and will often be part of your own network. This inherently builds upon LinkedIn’s trusted community and deepens the connection you have to both your existing network and those who may join it. We also have processes and tools in place to closely monitor for fake member profiles, so overall we believe fake reviews to be infrequent.

What are examples of best in class Product Pages?

We included some best practices for you to reference when adding to your Product Page and as a bonus, here’s what the Product Page for ​LinkedIn Campaign Manager Tool​ looks like for some added inspiration.

Can I add more products to our Company Page?

We’ll soon be rolling out the ability to add new products to your page, so stay tuned for email updates when that is available.

Can I create a Product Page for one of my services?

No – LinkedIn Product Pages are reserved for tangible product offerings to the market. Products typically have a manufacturer, a trademarked brand name, and a name used consistently on product pages and the web in reference to that product, along with other attributes such as description and logo.

LinkedIn Product Pages define services as intangible (e.g., an activity, event, or the performance of work done by humans) that typically takes place over a specified timeframe. Like products, some services may have brands and logos, but unlike products, they all involve a unique interaction with a service provider.


We will be launching a Services Marketplace in the near future where service providers can add and promote their services through our platform.

Product Pages Setup

How was our Product Page curated?

We curated your Page based on existing data from both your company website and the LinkedIn platform. The first two things you should do next is ​update your product description​, and ​highlight key customers to drive even more engagement with prospects​.

How do I get access to my Product Page?

First, you will need access as a LinkedIn Page admin in order to edit and publish a LinkedIn Product Page. You may need to request this from the LinkedIn Page admin at your company. Once you are a LinkedIn Page admin, you will see a “Products” tab at the top of the admin view of your LinkedIn Page. Selecting this will give you access to the Product Pages that were published. Each Product Page will have instructions on how to fill in the required sections.

How long will it take to set up my Product Page?

Our goal by curating your first Product Page was to make it as light of a lift as possible to add and maintain this page. Once your first page is published, there are just three edits you’ll have to make

●  Update your product description

●  Spotlight key roles that your product is the best fit for

●  Add featured customers

What options are available for the custom CTA button?

The options for the CTA are:

●  Download now

●  Get started

●  Request demo

●  Try now

●  Contact us

●  Learn more

What are the specifications on virtual assets?

Images must be 8MB or smaller. Videos must be 5GB or smaller. Remember to keep videos short and to the point. In the LinkedIn feed, videos under 3 minutes perform best, whereas product demo videos can be longer. There are no limitations on the dimensionality of images or video. More best practices for virtual assets can be found in the ​Getting Started Guide​.

Should I notify customers that I am featuring them on my Product Page?

Yes – you should obtain your customers’ advance permission to mention their company and to use their logo. You can consider starting with customers who have already done or agreed to a case study.

Which customers should I feature on my Product Page?

We recommend you use this section to demonstrate a wide variety of companies across various verticals and company sizes to highlight your target audience and product scope.

Product Pages Reviews

Who will be able to review my product?

Any LinkedIn member who visits your Product Page and confirms that they are a user of the product will be able to leave a rating and review.

How should I source reviews for my Product Page? Are these important?

Ratings and reviews are essential to building your Product Page community. Sourcing reviews should be a top priority after publishing. Below are some best practices.

●  Your first 20 reviews are the most important in setting the tone for quality, holistic reviews on your Product Page; please spend time strategizing your outreach

●  The best reviewers have in-depth knowledge of your product and are able to speak about specifically features and experiences; customers with case studies are a great starting point

●  Ask your Product Marketing, Customer Success, Social, or other Community Managers for customer contacts and outreach support

Should I ask our own employees to leave reviews on my Product Page?

Employees can be a valuable resource for product experience if they are avid and knowledgeable users themselves. We recommend that your first 20 reviews are sourced from trusted users who can provide holistic reviews of your product, including the pros and the cons. Keep in mind that a Product Page that only features employee reviews may be seen as partial and discourage community engagement. Employee reviews are distinguished with a badge, so that Product Page visitors can identify which reviews are from employees.

Will reviews be verified?

Reviews will link directly to members’ LinkedIn profiles. As part of LinkedIn’s community, we expect reviews to maintain the same level professionalism required by the platform.

Will I be able to delete member reviews?

If a Product Page admin deems a comment is slander, they can report the comment directly from the comment box for the Trust and Safety team to review. If the team approves of the reported comment, it will be taken down and the member will be able to continue seeing the page but will be banned from adding further comments.

What sort of moderation tools will you have in place to prevent LinkedIn members from posting spammy/offensive comments in the product reviews section?
Because we want this to be an honest and open marketplace, we will not create tools that allow brands to delete or modify comments. Instead, LinkedIn will monitor and moderate commentary on the back-end. We’ve defined harassment as the following three categories, and will take the following actions:

Commentary Type Description Action

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Slander / Libel

Comments that are

slanderous, libelous, and offensive​ in nature. For example, negatively remarking upon a company’s employees would fall into this category.

LinkedIn will delete these types of comments

Provably False

Comments that make

provably false statements about a product​. For example, comments stating that a product doesn’t work in a specific geography (when, in fact, it does) falls into this category.

LinkedIn will delete these types of comments

Biased/ Sponsored

Comments that are​ biased and / or sponsored​ by the maker of the product(s). For example, comments written by users who are paid to write an overwhelmingly positive and biased review on a product falls into this category.

LinkdedIn cannot reasonably and consistently identify comments that fall into this category, therefore we will not take action on these comments.

Product Pages Growth

What are some best practices for building a product community?

Quality content and insightful reviews are essential to building an engaged community around your Product Page(s). Admins should ensure their copy and virtual assets represent the product well and allow users and buyers to better understand the product experience. Furthermore, having trusted and prominent users review the product builds credibility and prompts subsequent engagement.

How will Linkedin be driving traffic to our Product Pages?

We’ll soon be rolling out Product discovery in the feed, driving members to share that they use or are skilled in your product, and much more. We’ll communicate new campaigns and tools that you can use as they become available.

Can I run campaigns through Product Pages?

Not today, but stay tuned for more information on how we’ll be giving you the ability to promote your page, reviews, and social proof in the LinkedIn feed.

More Information

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