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Better b2b leads = more sales.

Are you ready to 10x your brand influence, 10x your sales with NO NEW HIRES?

No gimmicks, it IS possible!

You could hire more people and continue to play the cold list “smile and dial” routine. Or, you can double the efficiency and effectiveness of your current team and close more sales. 

Getting Qualified B2B Leads Is Hard

Too Expensive

High cost per lead will eat your profit for breakfast. Stop paying per click and for people to scroll past your ads. Linkedin is cheap and lets you have direct conversations with decision makers.

Can’t Target

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google – none of them let you target individuals based on what they do for work. That’s what we call a showstopper. And it’s exactly why we use Linkedin.

Never Qualified

Buying a list, replying to contact forms, cold calls – those are rarely qualified leads. Stop selling to the wrong people at the wrong time. Use Linkedin to have your leads tell you their needs.

Abound with qualified leads

Sales Enablement

No spam! Establish rapport, solve a problem, and close the deal.

Engaging Content Marketing

Effective content marketing doesn’t just inform, it enagages your market.

Effective Linkedin Ads

Not all ads are created equal. Get the right message to the right person, at the right time and for the right price.

Real Time Analytics

Data that actually means something to your bottom line.

Trust, Expertise, & Authority

We’ll make your team the “go to” resource in your niche.


We’ll show you how to get your entire team involved and winning together.

Are your teams floundering with old-school marketing & sales processes?

Question… if you ignore calls that you don’t recognize the number and immediately trash any email that has the slightest hint of a sales pitch, why are you still trying to force your team to produce from the very system you personally reject?

Before social media, buyers relied on salespeople for information. The salesperson was necessary at each stage of the buying process. Today, a buyer does their research and acquires the information to make their buying decision from social proof.

Buyers rely on the experience of relationships to make their decisions.

Modern sales processes revolve around sales teams generating their own trust, expertise, and authority in their niche. Marketing teams are required to solve problems and create an opportunity to engage a lead through the buying journey for the sales teams.

Today’s selling is not selling at all. It’s a race for relationships! Are you positioned to win?


One of my most valuable assets.

Marc Schumer


Helped more than triple the number of leads I receive.

Gordon Tredgold

Leadership Principles

Quickly produced results.

Phillip Manker


I experienced a 707% increase in post views and a 1107% increase in reactions and comments.

Donna K.

Advantage Consulting

Consistently delivers exceptional, profitable business growth.

Sean Stormes

The Third Door

Listens to the needs of clients and works with them to find the end result they are looking for.

Beth Johnson

Office Products Alliance

Was able to connect me with leads I wanted to grow my business with.

Jesse Gernigin

Authority Copy

We're talking 10x return on investment and an abundance of leads.

Jeff Sauer

Data Driven U

Doubled my revenue year over year for the past four consecutive years with no slowing in sight.

Stacy Clark

Unlimited RV

Knows more about LinkedIn than LinkedIn does.

Chris Batz

The Lion Group

Ability to connect on a peer level and drive warm, quality leads is unlike anything I've come across.

Michael Stephens


Gets the best results.

Chad Nichols

Aspen Leaf Kitchens

All about results and making clients earn big returns.

Joshua Godsey


Would recommend to anyone who wants to grow their business and generate quality leads for their sales team.

Pete Caltabiano

CFO Center

Have grown my network threefold.

Michael Cohen

DBL Center

We were able to get a couple clients right off the bat.

Daniel Millican

Serendipitous Films

Free Videos Sent Every Week

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