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What does “Found you via Linkedin Search” mean?

“Found you via Linkedin Search” means someone performed a search using Linkedin’s Search Engine, saw, clicked, and then viewed your profile.

Let’s talk about:

  • Where this message is found
  • What it means
  • How it’s different than Search Appearances
  • What you should do about it


Where This Message Is Found

This is something you’ll see on the “Who’s Viewed My Profile” section of Linkedin, and it will look like the screenshot below:

What does found you via Linkedin Search mean - screenshot example - Zeeko - Linkedin Experts

What Does It Mean?

Someone used Linkedin’s search engine to do a search, your profile was in the search results, they clicked and viewed your profile. That search may have been done using a Standard or Sales Navigator Search:

Standard Linkedin Search

What does found you via Linkedin Search mean - search example - Zeeko - Linkedin Experts

Sales Navigator Search

What does found you via Linkedin Search mean - sals navigator search - Zeeko - Linkedin Experts

How Is It Different Than Search Appearances?

Search Appearances refers to just that; how many times you appeared in search. If you’re familiar with PPC, think of a search appearance like a “search impression.” An impression isn’t the same thing as a click. If someone does click your profile, they’ll appear in the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” section and be given the label “Found You via Linkedin Search.”

Here’s what your Search Appearance page will look like:

What does found you via Linkedin Search mean - search appearane example - Zeeko - Linkedin Experts

What Should You Do About It?

If someone found you via Linkedin search the first thing you need to determine is what their objectives were. Are they a potential client of yours? Are they wanting to sell you something? Are they looking for referral partners? Colleagues? Local business connections? If they didn’t take any action you may never know.

If they found you via search but didn’t take any action,  you need to evaluate if that person is worth knowing. If they are, take the initiative to talk to them. If you’re finding that everyone who views your profile is irrelevant to what you do, or if no one is finding you via search, you may want to optimize your profile to better reflect the searchers intent of your target audience on Linkedin.

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