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Using Email Marketing together with Linkedin

Last week Mary shared best practices for hosting a Linkedin virtual event. Great stuff. Today we have a hot topic…

Linkedin + Email

Did you feel a dark shadow slowly consume your soul as you read that? Or excitement. This tends to be a polarizing subject.

There is a way to approach using email with Linkedin…delicately…without feeling like a used car salesman who just sold your own grandma the worst car on the lot.

Let’s talk about:

  • Why you either love it, or you hate it.
  • How weekly invite limits on Linkedin is driving up usage.
  • GDPR.
  • Should you email the address on a profile, or a verified work email?
  • Targeting and Copy…are everything.
  • Image customization.
  • Why message someone on Linkedin if you can just email them?
  • Email discovery tools