Profile Optimization with Mary Fain Brandt

Profile Optimization with Mary Fain Brandt

Last week we looked at ~50 tools that complement Linkedin. Today we have a guest speaker sharing on a topic you won’t want to miss.

Houston, your Linkedin Profile has a Problem

Fun fact: There are 5k+ people on Linkedin with the first name Houston in the US (yes, I looked). Your name may not be Houston and your mistakes may not kill astronauts…but a sucky profile may be causing you problems and fixing it is your responsibility.

Let’s be honest, writing your own profile’s content is hard unless your’e a narcissist. Or an enneagram 3.

I need help. You need help. If ONLY there was someone who specialized in writing Linkedin profiles who could give us professional insight. Oh wait – THERE IS! Mary Fain Brandt will be sharing her best advice on turning your dusty old profile into something that matters in 2022. It’s what she does for a living, so hear her out. Mary and I met years ago when she was coordinating one of the first Linkedin Virtual Events (when did I get old?). Give her a connect, here she is on Linkedin:

I don’t want to steal Mary’s thunder, so be sure to show up live later this morning and hear what she has to say. Get your questions ready.

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