New Linkedin Features Roundup 2021

New Linkedin Features Roundup 2021

In this episode we recap the many changes that have taken place on Linkedin this year. there have been more changes in 2021 to Linkedin than has been the previous five years combined. Much to discuss! Here’s the brewing problem I want to get ahead of. The *entire world* just had an insane 18 months and most companies have not had the luxury to pause for a moment and strategize how the new features available to them on Linkedin can be incorporated into their sales and marketing. Today we’re not having a main presenter.

We’re going to jump right into panelist discussion followed by Q&A focusing on two related topics: New Platform Features & Changes – Weekly invite limits – Events (lead forms, csv downloads, personal and company)

  • Creator mode
  • Newsletters
  • Stories
  • Company articles
  • Product pages
  • Product reviews
  • Service provider reviews
  • And more

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