How Has Sales & Marketing Changed in 2021?

How Has Sales & Marketing Changed in 2021?

Last week we had a unique mastermind. For those who missed it: Recap: The *entire world* had an insane 18 months and most of us have not had the luxury to pause for a moment and strategize how the new features available to us on Linkedin can be incorporated into sales and marketing. We discussed weekly invite limits, events, polls, company page articles, creator mode, newsletters, product pages, reviews, and more.

Today is Part 2 – How The Landscape of Sales & Marketing has Changed What good are the shiny new features we talked about last week….if you plan on using them like it’s still 2019? Or have you been so busy that you failed to realize the sales and marketing landscape has changed in the last 18 months. Some changes were simply existing trends that were catalyzed. Others are new or still in motion.

Let’s have a discussion about:

  • How has going virtual changed sales etiquette
  • What’s driving purchase decisions during uncertain times
  • Are companies outsourcing more
  • New funnel strategies emerging due to the broad adoption of virtual meetings
  • Working remote has impacted IP lookups and geo-fencing
  • Which department is getting more funding – sales or marketing
  • On that note ^ the line between sales and marketing is getting more and more blurry
  • Are IRL tradeshows and networking events (mostly) dead
  • Has there been an increased utilization of cold calling, email, or Linkedin

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