100 Invites a Week on Linkedin? That's more than enough!

100 Invites a Week on Linkedin? That’s more than enough!

Remember last year when Linkedin capped weekly invites?

More specifically, do you remember being totally thrown off the first time you read that popup stating you ran out of weekly invites? Because…that wasn’t a thing until the day before.

We found the perfect gif to convey the sentiment expressed to us by the owners of sales agencies across the globe.

Was it a good move by Linkedin? I think so.

(one moment as I nervously look around for stones hurtling toward me)

Let’s not discuss what Linkedin should and shouldn’t do. It’s their playground and we can’t do anything about it. Deal with it.

What we can do is learn ????????

How to make 100 invites per week more than enough

This is primarily going to be for those of you who sell a b2b service or product. Since you only have roughly 100 invites per week, you need to learn how to make the most of them. We work with a lot of businesses, in many industries, globally, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that 100 invites per week is more than enough.

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