Sneak Peak at the new Linkedin Sales Navigator

Sneak Peak at the new Linkedin Sales Navigator – Episode 117

We have some good news, and some bad news.

First, the bad news. If you have Sales Navigator search urls saved in a spreadsheet they’re about to break…

Second, the good news. Sales Navigator is getting a bit of a makeover. See the screenshot below (this is from Sales Navigator Pro).


Here’s what happened I pulled up a Lead Targeting google sheet with a number of Sales Navigator search urls. As usually, I clicked the search links and BOOM – it looked different, my saved parameters continually spun in the search filter area erroring out, and ZERO search results were displayed. So, we had to rebuild the searches (booooo). My account received this update about two weeks ago, and I’m not seeing it anywhere else. It’s mostly a UI/UX overhaul, and obviously there are some changes happening in the way the urls are built out, but there are some new things as well.

Today’s agenda: In the first half of our meeting I want to give everyone a quick look under the hood at the new Sales Navigator and dig into which search parameters aren’t carrying over.

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