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How To Find The Most Active Users On Linkedin

Please take a moment to read today’s hangout topic. Without exaggeration, I believe what we’ll discuss today may be the most important subject we’ll cover this year. It has implications for targeting, sales and marketing initiatives, the types of clients you onboard, cost of services, KPI expectations, and more.

Linkedin Activity Scoring

In short – what is the best way to estimate how active a certain demographic is on Linkedin.

Why has this become so important? Weekly invite limitations.

In the past if an audience was not active on Linkedin you could send more invites to make up for the lack of engagement. Not anymore. Now, you have to target active users to make the most of your weekly cap.

How? Susan Tatum has offered to share how her business The Conversion Company does Activity Scoring on Linkedin. If you’re not connected with her, do that now.