How to send free InMail on Linkedin

How to get free InMail on Linkedin

Did you know you can send InMail for free on Linkedin? Even if you have a free account. There are restrictions, but I’ll show you two ways. In this article we’ll talk about sending free InMail to Open Profiles and how to receiving credit back to your account when InMails get replies.

#1 Send free InMail to Open Profiles

If a Linkedin member has Open Profile turned on you can send them an InMail for free. These accounts are much easier to spot in Sales Navigator than Free/Premium accounts. Here’s how to identify them on each platform.

Sales Navigator: you’ll see a green label that says “Open.” Even though you receive a limited quantity of InMail each month, messaging Open Profiles does not count towards your InMail usage. They are free.

How to send free InMail on Linkedin - on Sales Navigator

Free/Premium: There’s no Open Profile label, so you’ll need to do a little more work. Instead of clicking “connect” click the drop down menu (“More” or three dots). If you’re not connected but you see “Message” this is an open profile.

How to find open profiles to see who you can send free InMail to

Note: You’ll see the notification “free message” at the bottom of the messaging window. 

Sending Free InMail in a Free/Premium Linkedin Account


Learn more about Linkedin Open Profiles in this article.

#2 Get InMail credits refunded

If you have a paid account you receive a certain quantity of InMail each month. Linkedin wants to reward good players. So, you receive an InMail credit (refund) every time your InMails receive a response. It just has to be within 90 days of when you first sent it. InMail messages that don’t receive a response will not get credited back.

Auto-replies to InMail messages like “Interested” and “Maybe later” are reflected as accepted messages and will give you credit back to your account (free!) along with the ability to continue the conversation. “Not interested” is recorded as declined, but will still give you the InMail credit back (you just can’t continue the conversation.

Be sure to write your InMails in a way that elicit a response. Each time someone replies to your InMail you essentially sent it for free.

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