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Linkedin is a complex animal, but it doesn’t have to be. Our AVIATORS program will give you all the tools, training, live coaching, and like-minded community you need to start fast and go further. AVIATORS is a comprehensive program that will show how to make Linkedin an effective channel for inbound marketing and outbound relationship funneling.


Most sales people would tell you that they are not writers. Coming up with one post for their Linkedin profile is hard, let alone five per week! However, with the right strategy those posts will increase your personal brand in your niche, create trust, expertise, and authority, while making sales conversations in the DM easier. Content AI takes the guesswork and pain out of posting to Linkedin. Now, you can post effortlessly and even post daily without any heavy lifting. Take a look at some of the amazing features Content AI has to offer:

Schedule your posts weekly. Keep your posts fresh with new topics and purpose for each post. Never let your audience get bored with sameness again!

Take complete control of your Linkedin message box with filters and message scheduling. Finally, some sanity to the direct message box!

Create sophisticated sequences that include inviting, messaging, following, emailing, and more. Our campaign tool works when you don’t and will save you hours every week and make getting conversations started a snap!

Simple-to-use step-by-step sequencing gets your campaigns up and running quickly. No heavy lifting, just connecting and networking. No problem!

Realtime reporting of the most important KPIs to manage your campaign performance and make actionable business decisions.

Seamless integration with Hubspot and Pipedrive to keep all your deals and contacts in one place. 

Abound Social’s AVIATORS was a wonderful experience for me. Well done, and thank you for the results. You’ve created a service that I highly recommend. Please feel free to have anyone contact me for a referral!

Tom Daly

When you join AVIATORS, you gain access to the most effective library of training resources for marketing and relationship funneling with Linkedin on the planet! In addition to our learning library, you’ll benefit from a weekly live call with one of our Linkedin experts to track your progress, ask questions, and support other professionals along a similar business growth journey.

If you met with five new prospects per week

how much new business could you create?

AVIATORS Includes:

To be able to design a program for Linkedin, feel like I’m being heard, and then come out of it with something works. You get an immediate response with this approach.

John Furth


Spend your time closing deals not finding leads!

Our team will find the people you want to speak with and start a conversation on your behalf. We’ll get them talking, build reply documentation together with you, and handle all replies. This allows us to uncover a contact’s needs, give the right CTA, qualify a lead, and add opportunities to your CRM. You take over for the close.



Why reinvent a sales and marketing strategy
when we already have one for you?

Our sales and marketing workflows have produced 100,000+ sales opportunities on Linkedin and added 20,000+ opportunities to our clients’ CRM.


Get the entire program and fly like a Rocketeer!

With the right strategy and implementation, Linkedin will help any company grow if it requires a face-to-face conversation to close. The real issue is the amount of time required to successfully implement your strategy. Our ROCKETEERS program gives you both programs to save you time while learning to use Linkedin and grow your brand. There is no better or more complete program on the market today!

Save 75% of the time you spend working Linkedin!

Work smarter, not harder.



Are you ready to make Linkedin work for you?

Let’s get started!


I want to spend my time closing deals, not finding them.


Program Includes:


I want to learn what works, use the right tools, and have professional help along the way.


Program Includes:


I want to learn, have help doing the work, and become a thought leader fast.


Program Includes:

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Sales Xceleration. Together, we are breaking the cycle of feast or famine sales!

The AVIATORS program is a great format to build your prospect/contact base with Linkedin. Abound Social promotes adding value and establishing meaningful relationships and engaging in relevant conversations as opposed to quick churn. It’s a foundation for doing business on Linkedin!

Kerry George