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Linkedin Masterminds

Learning Linkedin can be hard and discouraging

It’s easier together.

Learning how to use Linkedin to achieve your goals can be hard and discouraging. Get professional advice and community support every Wednesday. It’s free, fun, and will be your favorite day of the week. We believe givers win. And yes, there are replays if you can’t make it live.

  • No sales or self promotion allowed.
  • Zoom is how we meet (free)
  • Ask questions beforehand or live.
  • Live participants are given priority.
  • Every Wednesday at 10 central (replays available)

Linkedin Mastermind Replays

  • To clarify, when we say 'effective' we do not mean cute, clever, or novel. Read this: 'According to the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute’s Professor John Dawes, author of the latest installment of a major new study carried out for the LinkedIn B2B Institute

  • Today we'll discuss Linkedin's new Sales Navigator packages AND a new product being rolled out called 'Linkedin Sales Insights.'

  • Has Linkedin gone crazy – or is there an Algorithm update? Right - Linkedin has been crazy for years. So we're also dealing with an Algo update. Either that or Linkedin is a

  • Last week Mary shared best practices for hosting a Linkedin virtual event. Great stuff. Today we have a hot topic

  • For those who weren't there, Mary Fain Brandt recently organized a huge virtual event called Linkedin Remastered. What you may not know, is just how many hours Mary put into making it happen. Here's the takeaway: If you're going to use Virtual Events for sales and marketing - you have to do it right. SO

  • I have some bad news. Linkedin does not do a great job at providing us with KPI's that really matter on their platform. The one exception being paid ads - because you're either tracking lead form submissions or website conversions you've configured. But what about KPI's on sales and marketing activities like: Social selling Organic corporate page content Personal content Event registrations What KPI's

  • Yesterday we had some great engagement on our Abound Company Page when we (okay, it was Monte, he's the content master) asked this question: 'If you were the CEO of Linkedin, what's one change you would make to the platform today?' Responses varied: Groups Price The way updates are rolled out All totally legit. And that got me thinking. What is Linkedin not

  • Today we're going Mad Scientist. (Isaac puts mask on, pretends to be a surgeon, picks up razor blade, looks really scary - Monte shakes his head) What's the topic? We're going to slice and dice the Linkedin search url. We'll tear it apart, see what all the gibberish means, and put it back together

  • Just recently, Linkedin updated company page articles. Until now, you could only publish articles on your personal profile. Traditionally, articles perform very poorly on Linkedin (the platform itself, not talking about in search engines). For a number of reasons. So

  • Have you ever used ZoomInfo together with Linkedin? We're exploring workflows that incorporate both Linkedin and ZoomInfo. We have clients that use it, and others who want to. We've used a few email finding services in the past. We don't cold call, we usually get that when scheduling a meeting via email (or video meeting). I'm wondering what added benefit