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Learning Linkedin can be hard and discouraging

Linkedin Humpday Hangouts

It’s easier together.

Learning how to use Linkedin to achieve your goals can be hard and discouraging. Get professional advice and community support every Wednesday. It’s free, fun, and will be your favorite day of the week. We believe givers win. And yes, there are replays if you can’t make it live.

  • No sales or self promotion allowed.
  • Zoom is how we meet (free)
  • Ask questions beforehand or live.
  • Live participants are given priority.
  • Every Wednesday at 10 central (replays available)

Linkedin Mastermind Replays

  • Please take a moment to read today's hangout topic. Without exaggeration, I believe what we'll discuss today may be the most important subject we'll cover this year. It has implications for targeting, sales and marketing initiatives, the types of clients you onboard, cost of services, KPI expectations, and more. Linkedin Activity Scoring In short - what is the best way to estimate

  • In today's hangout we discuss how to add a video cover story on Linkedin and highlight best practices for: Video Cover Story Layout & Editing  Portrait or Landscape Padding at the top/bottom (mobile adds layers inside video) Adding captions Motion graphics Audio EQ for mobile/desktop Video editing tools Air dropping edited video to your mobile app for upload   Scripting Your Video Cover Story

  • If you're looking for a way to send more invites per week than Linkedin allows be sure to watch today's hangout. Last week we sent 700 very targeted invites from one free account in just 2 days. We're doing the same thing again this week. So far we've added 450 new 1st degree connections (all our target audience) in 6 days. We can

  • 👆🏼 Do you see that gif? It's been on my mind all week. I want to map out a sales and marketing funnel

  • I used to think 'Content marketing on Linkedin is a waste of time. Just find and message the same people. It's faster.' I was half right. It is faster. But I was half wrong. It's not a waste of time - when done properly. Read this slowly - having a chasm between sales enablement and content marketing dilutes both departments. If you use Linkedin