What would TWO NEW clients
per month
mean for you?


Program Includes

  • Detailed target market search

  • Messaging strategy and template

  • Linkedin profile optimization (graphics included)

  • Top #hashtag library


Program Includes

  • 400+ invites per month

  • Linkedin contact download

  • Live report

  • Linkedin event invitations (up to 1000/week)

  • In-Network broadcasts (once per month)


Program Includes

  • Weekly/Monthly live coaching calls

  • Support, Q&A, and accountability

  • Topic presentations with demonstration

  • Linkedin engagement group


Program Includes

  • Take a deeper dive into topics on your own time


Our customers have seen a return on their investment in as little as four weeks. Many break even on their annual investment within three months!

If you know the secrets of how to use Linkedin, it’s the most powerful b2b growth tool in existence!
You don’t need to be an expert at marketing and sales!
We will give you all the tools you need to help you grow your business consistently, and effectively while saving hours back on your calendar every month!

You don’t need additional ai tools.

You don’t need expensive advertising.

We'll teach you how to fish.

You'll learn:

  • How to fit into your buyer’s journey

  • Networking strategies for business growth

  • How to get people talking – What to say

  • Staying top of mind – taking action

  • Moving conversations off-platform

  • How to map your sales & marketing funnels

  • How to effectively create leads from events

  • How to generate inbound leads from content

  • How you can delegate your Linkedin activity

  • How to activate your community and create demand

...as well as platform algorithm and feature updates, tips, tricks, and everything in between


Live Customer Dashboards

Need more proof?

Hear it from our customers

Heard enough?

Programs with a fraction of the features and training we offer in our 2000 FISH program will cost you $1,000 per month or more.

Financial Freedom
Is not expensive!

You pay only


(per month)

The 2000 Fish program is a great format to build your prospect/contact base within LinkedIn. Monte and Issac promote adding value and establishing meaningful relationships and engaging in relevant conversations as opposed to quick churn. It's a foundation to doing business on Linkedin!

Kerry George

Founder and Principal, G3 Sales Group

Just a quick note to thank you for the Abound experience.


  • 340+ new connections and counting
  • Many were potential referral partners (our primary target), and some were direct prospects
  • I closed one long-term engagement after the first meeting – quite awesome
  • I’ve had at least 20 high-level referral partner meetings as a result
  • I’ve been so busy with client load that I’ve not even aggressively reached out to all the quiet ones – but I will
  • The cadence Abound has crafted simply works. I was skeptical at first by the message simplicity, but the proof is in the numbers – remarkable
  • Executives will respond to inquiries with common connections, and it continues to feed.
  • I’ve had connection requests (I think) from common connections that see me connected to my new connections.
  • Connections are power – people are repelled by sales pitches. Offers to network and learn about others’ practices yield meetings. The invitation to Abound events some appreciate, and it creates another conversation topic.
  • Any and every B2B sales professional, especially those requiring relationship building
  • Consultants and advisors – networking and referrals are the fuel, and LinkedIn is the platform. More influential connections breed more connections. Abound does it fast.
  • New (and all) Sales Xceleration Advisors. Our initial 90-day push is to fill our referral partner pipeline. This would make the process faster and more scientific, with less admin work for the advisor.
  • Pretty much every one of our clients’ reps could benefit, and we don’t do this type of work – and we earn a commission
This was a wonderful experience for me, and I suspect the others in the pilot. Well done, and thank you for the results. You’ve created a service that I highly recommend. Please feel free to have anyone contact me for a referral.

Tom Daly

Owner, Focus Insights Group