Merging Content Marketing & Sales Enablement on Linkedin

Merging Content Marketing & Sales Enablement on Linkedin

I used to think ‘Content marketing on Linkedin is a waste of time. Just find and message the same people. It’s faster.’

I was half right. It is faster. But I was half wrong. It’s not a waste of time – when done properly.

Read this slowly – having a chasm between sales enablement and content marketing dilutes both departments.

If you use Linkedin for sales (cough – and rely heavily on messaging), you should still understand how content marketing fits into the customer journey. You may find joining forces makes sales enablement easier. Especially if you can only send 100 invites per week.

That’s why I asked Monte Clark to share on this topic today. He’s a pro at content marketing on Linkedin. He made me see the potential reach of content marketing on Linkedin – even for companies I would have previously written off as not a good fit for the platform.

Today he’s going to give us pro tips and take questions. Here are a few things I want to ask Monte.

  • What if I think my audience doesn’t have time to, or isn’t interested in, reading content on Linkedin?
  • How does content marketing turn into actionable sales leads?
  • How do you measure success?
  • Can you measure ROI?
  • When does it make sense for a company to invest in content marketing on Linkedin?
  • How should sales teams interact with the marketing material a company is publishing on Linkedin?
  • Do employees ever resist sharing company content? If so, how do you address that?
  • Best practices for publishing.
  • How do you schedule a publishing calendar from storyboarding to employee engagement?

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