Driving Inbound Leads Through Content Enablement

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Driving Inbound Leads

through content engagment

If your content isn’t creating leads

your content needs Abound

Cross Channel Marketing

In b2b sales there is no better platform than linkedin. But, you want to be wherever your target market may be. Abound will create content for each of your primary social channels.

Hashtag & SEO Strategy

Any content strategy depends on hashtags and keywords. The team at abound will find the right hashtag groups and keyword phrases that will get your content found and drive your website search presence.

Employee Engagement

Who’s your number one brand ambassador? If it’s not your employees it needs to be. Abound will educate and develop an employee engagement that will skyrocket your content engagement and drive leads.

Ready to enable your brand engagement?

What’s your content mix?

The Right Content at the Right Time

Social Posts & Blogs

Having access to good data is critical if you want a high ROI on Linkedin. We measure the Key Performance Indicators of each organic outreach campaign.


Our proprietary method of monitoring KPI’s allows us to generate data driven reports. We geek out over analytics, because it helps us to help you win!

Video & Podcasting

Improvement never stops. By monitoring campaign KPI’s we identify any underperforming areas of outreach and create actionable plans to improve them.


More than an expert in Marketing and LinkedIn.

Adam Sinkus

My Roofing SEO

Knows how to build authority for your business.

Tammy Collins

Tammy L. Collins

One of my most valuable assets.

Marc Schumer


Helped more than triple the number of leads I receive.

Gordon Tredgold

Leadership Principles

A real visionary for the potential benefits LinkedIn offers individuals and companies.

Bob Sager

SpearPoint Solutions

Practical, doable and always personalized.

Monica Kochar

WhiteHat Jr

Quickly produced results.

Phillip Manker


If I could only go to one source to learn how to best use Linkedin, that source would be Abound.

Jim Dugan

Aechelon Technology

I experienced a 707% increase in post views and a 1107% increase in reactions and comments.

Donna K.

Advantage Consulting

Consistently delivers exceptional, profitable business growth.

Sean Stormes

The Third Door

Highly recommend to anyone seeking to expand their business opportunities and needing help maximizing the power of LinkedIn to help get you to that next level of potential.

Bryon Remo

Bryon Remo M.Ed.

Listens to the needs of clients and works with them to find the end result they are looking for.

Beth Johnson

Office Products Alliance

Proven methods for successful social selling on Linkedin and extraordinary knowledge of sales and marketing strategy.

Stacey DiMarco

Relevant Marketing

Uncommon value.

Chris Oys

Carfair Composites

Extremely knowledgeable on how to communicate effectively on LinkedIn and build your target audience.

Melissa Windon

HUB International

Absolutely the "real deal".

Monte Pedersen

The CDA Group

Helped me find a stronger focused effort of marketing my services and brand through Linkedin.

Will Mackey

W.Mackey CreativArium

Shook up my thinking when it comes to LinkedIn and my overall marketing.

Jeff Nischwitz

The Nischwitz Group

All my marketing efforts have become more focused and of value to our clients.

Karin van Blerk

Inspired Testing

There are people who claim to be experts on Linkedin, and then there those who show it.

Chuck Hester


Extensive knowledge in the B2B sales/marketing space.

Stoyan Licina


An expert on LinkedIn marketing.

Joseph Pizzolato

Summit Consulting Group

Doubled my revenue year over year for the past four consecutive years with no slowing in sight.

Stacy Clark

Unlimited RV

Knows more about LinkedIn than LinkedIn does.

Chris Batz

The Lion Group

All about results and making clients earn big returns.

Joshua Godsey


Have grown my network threefold.

Michael Cohen

DBL Center

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