How Entrepreneurs' Use of Linkedin Evolves with Their Company

How Entrepreneurs’ Use of Linkedin Evolves with Their Company

Today we’ll discuss the way you use Linkedin changes as your business grows. Why is this something we’d bring up at a Mastermind?

For starters, fingers crossed everyone reading this will have a successful career. Also, I hear a lot of agencies tout Linkedin as being the best place to get b2b leads. True…but a lot of people don’t want or need to use Linkedin for sales. Let’s help people where they’re at.

Consider the journey of our imaginary entrepreneur Matt:

  • Matt founds a company and discovers his clients spend a lot of time on LInkedin.
  • He then works tirelessly to make connections that turn into sales while building brand awareness.
  • Eventually he needs to hire other people to do sales for him.
  • He uses Linkedin to find candidates to fill sales roles.
  • With business booming he then hires an internal recruiter to find candidates for him.
  • Matt then gets a wild idea – ‘raise capital and sell my business.’
  • So he uses Linkedin to find investors.
  • A couple years later he’s ready to exit. He tries to find someone to buy his business on Linkedin.
  • That doesn’t work so he hires a business brokerage (hey, Linkedin can’t win every time).


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