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Horror Stories from Linkedin Marketing Companies

Today I want to mix things up.

I am 100% certain everyone who joins the hangouts has some fun (and horror) stories.

Let’s share. Why?

When you encounter crazy, bizarre, couldn’t make it up situations (and *cough* people) it’s nice to know you’re not alone in dealing with them. And I like learning from the mistakes other people make.

I’ll start with a quick one, which I have anonymized for privacy.
Campaign details: Finding business owners interested in selling their company. 

  • Us: Joe I’m looking at Joe’s Shoes and am wondering if you have any interest in selling. I’m working with a number of buyers looking to buy a shoe business and, as best I can tell, yours would be a good fit. Any interest?
  • Joe: Go *F* yourself
  • Client: See’s response and tells my team to reply ‘I wish I could!’
  • Us: Decides to not send client’s suggested reply and instead thanks Joe for his time.
  • Joe…Three Days Later: Actually I think I might want to sell (gives email and sets up phone call).

I’m thinking this could be the best meeting…ever.