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Advanced Targeting with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Linkedin search is dang confusing… Not an exaggeration because we’ve done it – you could spend hours explaining Linkedin search. For starters: – Each Linkedin product has its own search capabilities (free, sales nav, recruiter) – People, content, events, companies – you can search them all – (Wtheck are “boolean search operators”) AND (why do they crash search when you use 5 OR more) – You can create inclusion AND exclusion lists for both people and companies​? – Nevertheless, you have to master Linkedin search if you want to be effective at social selling on the platform. Why? Because if you don’t, you can flush your time efficiency down the 🚽. More on that later. Today we’ll cover how-to’s, best practices, and common targeting hacks. And I know our panelists have great insight on this as well.